Sticky content for the world’s fourth biggest car maker. Compellingly compact info-vehicles for the blog and surprising detours in the form of irresistible lifestyle magazine articles online. Discover what our writers wrote through sister entity The Foreign Legion. Click to read the RENAULT STORYBOOK Advertisements

Center Parcs

Motivating words for Europe’s favourite weekend getaway. Fun brochure copy with an appealing emotional twist aimed at families in need of quality time together. Dive in by clicking on CENTER PARCS BROCHURE

Exquisite writing for the planet’s top ranked champagne. Creation of the defining editorial style, lavish web copy, naming of emag ‘Krug Now’, and a timeless brand positioning: Now is precious.

And for international writing, THE FOREIGN LEGION.

Need to get your message across borders? Since 2000, our company THE FOREIGN LEGION has helped top brands communicate everywhere without diluting impact. It takes a different approach. THE FOREIGN LEGION can CREATE campaigns to survive translation; and ADAPT copy between French and English for a version as persuasive as the original. Have a peek at