The uniquely focused writing agency.

[ DOWNLOAD OUR STORY ] Ready to out-buzz the latest viral cat video? Wish that brochure could be more of a page-turner? Want all your communications to connect with the people who matter? Then you need a rich stream of engaging, relevant, well-written content. COPY LEGION offers a new solution with our unique mash-up of Great British Writers. We’re purposely not built on the classic agency model, in fact we’re as eclectic as your customers.

More than a mere copywriting agency, we focus on the power of writing to build customer relationships. Our approach is to create compelling content that makes your brand relevant to the right people. Crafted to connect with your customer in a meaningful way. So the right people engage with your brand.


Tell us about your challenges and needs, we’ll choose the right wordsmith for the job and work with you to implement an effective strategy.

Your brand as News? We have TV and print journalists who can make your stories news-worthy.

Your brand as a Service? We have pragmatic writers who can transform your benefits into a helpful resource.

Your brand as Information? We have seasoned writers who can adapt your facts into fascinating content.

Your brand as Entertainment? We have award-winning scriptwriters who can wow your audiences.

If you’re ready, we’d love to write for you.

We can start right now.